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ASRNEWS and e-ASRNEWS newsletters (
ASRNews is a monthly newsletter which tracks the latest developments in the speech recognition and text-to-speech marketplace. ASRNews covers speech applications, new products, R&D, marketing and investments in all segments of this emerging industry. These segments include telecommunications, computer software, PC systems, industrial automation and electronic consumer applications of speech recognition and synthesis.

Assistive Technology Industry Association (
The mission of ATIA is to serve as the collective voice of the Assistive Technology industry so that the best products and services are delivered to people with disabilities.

Assistive Technology Resources (

Center for Spoken Language Understanding (
CSLU has released for universities its Continuous English Speech Corpus. The corpus contains recorded speech from 690 different speakers, with label files at various levels - including word level and phonetic labels. The data were collected as part of the OGI Multi-language telephone corpus. CSLU provides speech corpora to all universities without charge. To order a corpus, print the license agreement/order form, complete it, and fax it to the CSLU. A description of the corpora and an order form are available:

CompInfo - The Computer Information Center (
Speech Processing / Speech Recognition - Outline and Knowledge Bases

Corpa of Speech (
One of the greatest impacts that Center for Spoken Language Understanding (CSLU) has had on the speech recognition research community (and related fields) is the development and distribution of speech corpora. Since the early 1990s CSLU has been collecting, processing, and distributing corpora worldwide at no cost to acedemic institutions and non-profit organizations.

Developing a successful spoken language system typically requires vast amounts of data, and CSLU has established itself significantly as a collector and distributor of speech corpora. Recognizing that speech corpora are important resources for anyone conducting research in the area of voice processing, CSLU have collected and transcribed telephone and cellular speech data in over 20 languages.

How dictation systems benefit the education of students with writing difficulties. (

The Digital Practice of Law (
Provides a growing collection of links to websites in the areas of law, business and practice related to litigation.

International Biometric Industry Association (
The International Biometric Industry Association (IBIA) is a trade association founded in September 1998 in Washington, D.C. to advance the collective international interests of the biometric industry. IBIA is impartially dedicated to serve all biometric technologies in all applications.

International Journal of Speech Technology (,11855,4-40109-70-35682019-0,00.html)
The International Journal of Speech Technology is a research journal that focuses on speech technology and its applications. It promotes research and description on all aspects of speech input and output, including theory, experiment, testing, base technology, applications.

Speaking To Write / Word For Word: An overview of Speech Recognition (
From the

Speech Recognition Software Directory (
Allows computers to interpret human speech and transcribe to text

Speech Recognition Update (
Speech Recognition Update™ brings you timely, complete, and accurate news and analysis on the impact of speech recognition on business

Spotlight on Voice Recognition (
From the National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education Through Technology, Media, and Materials in collaboration with Dr. Bob Follansbee, Director of the Computer Learning Program at Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Speech Technology Magazine (
Speech Technology Magazine is recognized worldwide as the leading source of information on products, services and technology related to the speech technology industry. Published six times a year, Speech Technology Magazine is the only trade publication dedicated exclusively to the growing speech technology market.

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