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IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Building Speech-Enabling IVR application Using Microsoft Speech Server 2004: Grammar and Prompts (

Using Microsoft SAPI

Speech Synthesis & Speech Recognition Using SAPI 5.1 (,1410,29583,00.html)
Adding support for speech capabilities to Microsoft Windows applications written in Delphi, using the Microsoft Speech API version 5.1 (SAPI 5.1). SAPI 5.1 exposes most of the important interfaces, types and constants through a registered type library (SAPI 5.0 did not do this, making it difficult to use in Delphi without someone writing the equivalent of the JEDI import unit for SAPI 5). by: Brian Long

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Better speech-based error correction for dictation tools (
From Technology Review

Voice Recognition Software Versus a Traditional Transcription Service for Physician Charting in the ED (

Research Organizations

Carnegie Mellon Engineering Researchers To Create Speech Recognition In Silicon (
From Science Daily

Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory (
SRI International's Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory is recognized as a world-leading speech technology organization. Staff of about 25 includes engineers, computer scientists, and linguists, offering a fine balance of the skills required for leading-edge development. For government and commercial clients, offers technology creation and transfer in areas such as signal processing, phonetics/phonology, mathematical modeling, and software engineering.

Using Voice Recognition for the First Time

Look, Ma, no hands! (
From the Boston Globe

Intelligent Microphones (
Have you ever noticed that when giving spoken commands to the onboard computer, Enterprise crew members never worry about where the microphone is located? Somehow, the entire ship manages to listen to everything that’s spoken, and intelligently pick out particular voices—as well as determining what words should count as commands.

State of the Art: If Typing Won't Do, Speak Up (
The NewYork Times

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