Biometric Identification

What is Biometric Identification?

The use of physical characteristics and traits for the identification of individuals. The earliest methods of biometric identification included fingerprint and handwriting. More recent methods include iris/eye scan, face scan, voice print, and hand print.

Types of Biometric Identification

  1. Fingerprint
  2. Iris
  3. Retina
  4. Finger Geometry
  5. Signature/Handwriting
  6. Voice
  7. Facial Proportions
  8. Hand Geometry

Why Use Biometric Identification?

The most popular methods of keeping information and resources secure is to use password and UserID/PIN protection. These schemes require the user to authenticate themselves by entering a "secret" password that they had previously created or were assigned. These systems are prone to hacking from either a brute force attempt to crack the password or from passwords which were not unique or even which were posted near the computer itself. A Biometric Identification system is one in which the user's "body" becomes the password/PIN. Biometric characteristics about the individual are what make that person unique and therefore can be used to authenticate an user's access to various systems.

Voice Recognition Identification Technology (VRIT)

Biometric Voice Identification focuses on analyzing who is speaking rather than on what is being spoken. Before access can be granted, an individual must train the system to recognize their voice characteristics (i.e., their voice print).

Can a Tape Recording Be Used to Hack Into a System

If the Voice Identification system is going to be used in a highly sensitive environment the system could use randomly generated passcodes that must be spoken before athentication is granted. For example, the computer could ask the user to recite several different two or three word phrases. It would be improbable that a tape recording could be made that would be able to be used to hack into a system where the access codes keep changing.

Applications of Voice Print and Biometric Identification Technology

  1. Resetting Passwords
  2. Processing Payments
  3. Access Control
  4. Time and Attendance systems
  5. Border Management
  6. Law Enforcement

Vendors and Consultants

bioMetrics Technologies (
Biometric Technologies (NZ) Limited (BTL) specialises in the design and development of progressive exciting biometric hardware and software technologies. Our research and development teams are of the highest calibre and at the forefront of biometric recognition frontiers, including the creation of a multimodal system for recognition, offering clients flexibility in their security systems while not losing control in accuracy and speed of user processing.

VeriVoice,Inc. (
Rely on VeriVoice to control access to your corporate intranet, financial database, computer network, or research facility. With our advanced voice verification technology you can integrate robust access control into your computer applications or environment.

VoiceVault (
A world leader in biometric voice verification. It helps business and governments to fight identity theft and fraud, secure transactions, protect confidential information, reduce costs and enhance levels of service. VoiceVault delivers a range of secure, reliable, and easy to implement products based on advanced biometric technology that uses voice to quickly verify the identity of an individual over the phone or web.

VoiceVault uses spoken words to take vocal measurements of an individual’s vocal tract. Sophisticated algorithms convert these vocal measurements into a voice print – a unique digital representation of an individual’s voice. A voice print is not a recording of a set of words or a wave pattern of a voice. It cannot be played back or used for any other purpose than comparison with subsequent voice prints.

Identix (
Multi-biometric security technology company, offering high-value fingerprint and facial technologies, solutions and services that are at the core of today’s large-scale ID and ID management programs. Identix provides a full range of support and professional services options to help ensure efficient implementation and down-the-line success.

International Biometric Group (
IBG designs and integrates customized biometric solutions for ID applications, advises government and commercial organizations on biometric strategies, and tests and certifies biometric products and systems.

Recognition Systems, Inc (
Biometric access control, time and attendance, and personal identification products. Biometric devices are electronic means of measuring unique characteristics or actions of a person, and are used to identify, or verify the identity of, an individual. Recognition Systems HandReaders provide improved security, accuracy, and convenience for these three important applications: For Access Control, the HandReaders ensure that the person who enters isn’t merely carrying someone else’s access card or PIN. For Time and Attendance, the HandReaders improve payroll accuracy and simplicity by eliminating "buddy-punching.” For Personal Identification, the HandReaders guarantee that the people on a site actually belong there.

Securus Technologies (
SECUREvoice Inmate Telecommunications Identification Service is a biometric method of authenticating a person’s identity. Every person’s voice creates a unique signature that can be captured, stored and later used for accurate validation of that person’s identity. The voice signature or “voice-print” cannot be imitated.

Speaker Verification Technology (
Voice-based access restriction algorithm.

VoiceSecureIt (
A voice biometric authentication service that enables the user to logon to their computer system using a simple and unique voice print phrase. It adds an extra layer of security, and saves time by eliminating the need to type in login and password codes. The system supports multiple users and comes with a step-by-step setup wizard that guides you through the configuration process.

VoiceSecureIt for the PalmOS (
Voice Biometric solution for the PalmOS® Platform (PalmOS Devices that support the Extended 5.2 Sound API). It enables the user to secure their device with just their voice print phrase.

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