Voiceprint Identification (Speaker Verification) a form of Biometrics is performed by analyzing the sounds generated when an individual speaks. Each person has unique physical characteristics that enable a computer system to identify the individual based on those characteristics. The voice characteristics of a person are determined by physical dimensions of vocal chords, mouth, lips, throat, and nasal passages. This form of identification is always present in the individual.

New Voice Technology (
Voice Security Systems Inc. continues to pioneer methods of speaker verification that can effectively operate without the benefit of an external server or hard drive. The entire software program and templates can be operated and stored in the protected device itself. Optionally, the voice templates used for validation can be loaded at verification time from a smart-card or stored in external RAM due to their small size.

Smarthome (
Voice Recognition Products for Home Automation Control

Vocent (
Voice authentication solutions provide easy and secure access to account information, transactions, and IT resources. All of Vocentís products utilize Vocent DecisionMakerô. Vocentís packaged solutions easily integrate with existing call center and IT infrastructure, speeding deployment and minimizing the impact on IT personnel

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