Interactive Voice Response ( IVR)

Digital Base Productions (
At Digital Base Productions we strive to give you great productions that will make you stand out. As you know, first impressions are everything. When people call your company the persona that greets them is THE most important aspect of your telephony application. Digital Base Productions are experts at providing that persona that will match you or your clients needs. We also have coaches here to make sure that persona is exactly what you need or if you wish you can coach online with us as we produce your messages. We can voice ANY foreign language you may need in whatever dialect you want, and we can translate it for you as well. At Digital Base Productions we respond immediately to any problems, questions, or technical concerns you may have. Whatever your needs, we can help. Among clients who have used other production facilities, our customers rate us significantly better than our competition 98% of the time. The quality of our recordings and voices is second to none and we can output your prompts to any format you choose. If you need audio on hold we can provide you with just the message or a digital machine as well. Digital Base Productions also offers FREE consultations on all your projects.

Plum IVR Solutions for HR (
Plum IVR Solutions for HR: Employee facing self-service solutions via IVR for timecard, payroll, and benefits enrollment management. Next generation IVR technology in VoiceXML.

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