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Java Speech API developed by Sun Microsystems.

JavaTM Speech API Programmer's Guide (
The JavaTM Speech API is a standard extension to the Java platform that enables Java applications and applets to use speech input and output. This guide provides an introduction to the Java Speech API. Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Voice XML

VoiceXML allows you to define a "tree" that steps the user through a selection process - known as voice dialogs.

Voice XML.Org (
An industry organization formed to create and promote the Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML). With the backing and contributions of its diverse membership, including key industry leaders, the VoiceXML Forum has successfully driven market acceptance of VoiceXML through a wide array of speech-enabled applications.

Works with wireless devices that have small displays. Imposes a limited set of options that are available to the user.
Uses an interface that is "natural" to individuals who can speak. Can require the individual to "drill-down" through multiple pages of options.
Readily accessible to anyone with a phone. May have limited ability to work effectively with individuals who do not speak the "native" language of the XML system.

The CMU Sphinx Group Open Source Speech Recognition Engines (
The Sphinx Group at Carnegie Mellon University is committed to releasing the long-time, DARPA-funded Sphinx projects widely, in order to stimulate the creation of speech-using tools and applications, and to advance the state of the art both directly in speech recognition, as well as in related areas including dialog systems and speech synthesis.

Internet-Accessible Speech Recognition Technology project (
Institute for Signal and Information Processing Mississippi State University

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