Microsoft Speech SDK Version 5.1 (http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/SAPI51sr/Whitepapers/srportingguide.asp)
from the Microsoft Developer Network.

What is a Lexicon?

A Lexicon used in speech recognition is a database to store the words and other related information (such as pronunciations and parts of speech). The Microsoft SAPI lexicon software interface provides programmers and software developers the tools to create applications and Speech Recognition engines that use a standard method with which to create, access, modify, and synchronize words and parts of speech.

The Microsoft SAPI uses two types of custom lexicons: user and application. The user lexicon stores words specific to a user. It is a read/write lexicon and is shared among all applications. The application lexicon is supplied by the application and stores words specific to the application. The application supplied lexicons are read-only. "Application lexicons" are used to ensure that the vocabulary used by the application is well represented in the lexicon.

Chant® LexiconKit (http://www.chant.net/developerworkbench/lexiconkit/default.asp)
Lexicon management software that enables you to create, delete, modify, extend, backup, and restore user and application lexicons

SpeechStudio Lexicon Builder (http://www.speechstudio.com/lexicon.htm)
Creates custom vocabularies and pronunciations for text-to-speech, speech recognition, Office XP, or any program that uses a SAPI 5 speech engine.

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