What is Enrollment / Training?

Voice training, also known as enrollment, enables the software to analyze your voice to provide better recognition. The process involves reading several paragraphs of text while the computer records your voice. The recorded audio is then analyzed for patterns of speech which are stored in a voice profile.

Initial voice training may take 15 to 30 minutes depending on the software. Additional training may be provided to further improve accuracy.

Benefits of Training

After the initial training, recognition accuracy can further be improved by using correction features in the software when mistakes occur.

Training also allows the software to calibrate the volume of the microphone to determine the optimal setting for recognition.

The training also has an additional benefit of allowing you to practice speaking into the microphone while reading some text. This gives you a chance to practice dictation.

How It Works

During Enrollment, you will read from a prepared text that you select. The reading usually takes 5 to 20 minutes to complete. During this time, the computer records your speech.

The computer then takes the recorded sounds of your voice and compares it to the expected sounds based on an analysis of the text read. The computer then calcuates how your voice differes from the expected voice. This difference forms the basis for your unique voice print which is used to analyze futher speech.

Adding Words to the Dictionary

Most professions that use dictation have special terminology (e.g., medical, legal). The common words used in a certain profession may be mis-recognized by the software without additional training of specific words. If the software mis-recognizes a word, you should stop the program and train the computer on that word so that it will be better able to correctly recognize it in the future.

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