Speech Recognition Assisted Transcription Services (
Combines high-quality outsourced transcription and state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, all available as part of an affordable Internet accessible service.

Transcription Editing-Dictaphone Corporation (
PowerScribe Workstation does not force physicians to edit their own reports. Any userís recognized draft report can be automatically forwarded to a transcriptionist/editor for correcting and formatting. This option greatly reduces transcription time and cost since reports no longer have to be manually typed from scratch. The close linkage of text and audio aids transcriptionist productivity.

The key to a successful transcription software is the ability to recognize the context in which the text is being spoken and to utilize this information to interpret what was said with greater accuracy. This reduces the need for corrections to be made later.

Medical Transcription

Dictation is highly effective for capturing text information because clinicians can dictate anywhere, anytime, with various devices. Using this technology, software turns dictation from clinicians into accurate, formatted, documents for final review and editing by medical transcriptionists. Because the drafts are formatted according to set standards, transcriptionists focus on checking primarily for important medical corrections.


The benefits of Computer Aided Medical Transcription are:

  1. Reduced time spent in transcription
  2. Patient reports are more consistent
  3. Patient reports are generated faster
  4. Report distribution is streamlined
  5. Easier to access various reports
  6. Improved consistency in reporting

Vendors / Consultants

eScription (
Focused exclusively on medical transcription with an advanced technology solution that is based on a simple premise: it is faster to edit than to type. Unique software turns clinicians' dictations into highly accurate first draft documents to be quickly edited by transcriptionists, whether in-house or outsourced. Computer Aided Medical Transcription, a technology that includes speech recognition and more.

SoftMed (
Integration of Internet Enabled Typing and Editing Technology for Advanced Computer Aided Medical Transcription (CA-MT)

VoiceScript (
An innovative voice management system that supports and automates all dictation technologies and centrally manages the voice files. From dictation to document distribution, VoiceScript increases clinician productivity, decreases document turnaround time and improves accuracy.

Crescendo (
Develops digital dictation, speech recognition, transcription, authentication and workflow management systems for the medical, legal, law enforcement and insurance sectors. Unique in its support of distributed networks, Crescendo Speech Processing enables dictation, recognition and correction to take place at any location within a LAN, WAN, or across the Internet. Once a dictation completed, it is automatically processed by the speech recognition server in the background and then routed to the appropriate Transcriptionist, freeing time for them to focus on corrections rather than on the actual transcription process.

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