Computing using your voice

Advantages of Interacting With Computers Through Speech

  1. Hands Speech does not require use of physical devices such as keyboards or pointing devices. Computing devices can become more compact as keyboard and mouse pointing devices take a less prominent role. Individuals with physical challenges may also benefit from the use of speech based applications.

  2. Eyes Does not require the use of vision. Speech can be performed effectively in low light environments or by persons with low or no vision. Applications for this technology may include uses where the individual needs to keep their eyes on equipment or the environment if navigating a vehicle.

  3. History People have been speaking for thousands of years and individuals start speaking at a young age.

  4. Distance Speech systems can process speech from individuals that may be at some distance away from the computer.

  5. Smaller Wireless and handheld devices are becoming increasingly smaller with corresponding smaller displays and input keys. A voice interface is not constrained by the physical size of the device.

    What is Speech Recognition?

    Speech Recognition is a technology that allows the computer to identify and understand words spoken by a person using a microphone or telephone. The ultimate goal of the technology is to be able to produce a system that can recognize with 100% accuracy all words that are spoken by any person.

    Even after years of research in this area, the best speech recognition software applications still cannot recognize speech with 100% accuracy. Some applications are able to recognize over 90% of words when spoken under specific constraints regarding content and previous training to recognize the speaker's speech characteristics.

    Computer software that understands your speech enables you to have conversations with the computer. These conversations would include you and the computer speaking as commands or in response to events, input, or other feedback.

    Speaking is easier and more intuitive than selecting buttons and menu items. Human speech has evolved over many thousands of years to become an efficient method of sharing information and giving instructions.

    Useful when accessing systems through pay telephones that do not have attached keyboards.

    Description of Speech Recognition (
    From AbilityHub Assistive Technology Solutions

    What is continuous speech recognition?

    Continuous speech recognition is software that allows the user to speak at a conversational speed. Pauses between words are not needed. Using this software allows you to speak to your computer at a conversational page. The software then transcribes your speech into text as a form of dictation. Continuous speech is not used for command and control of your computer.

    It is software that understands the rules regarding grammar and applies those rules to the speech heard in order to develop a better transcript of the spoken text.

    What is Discrete voice recognition software?

    Discrete speech is spoken to the computer using a brief pause between each word. This allows the computer to attempt to understand each word in isolation. There are some weaknesses in this approach. Since each word is recognized in isolation, there is less accuracy than in systems that use rules of grammar to facilitate recognition.

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