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Computers that recognize speech. These computers were the products of science fiction (i.e., fantasy). Such machines existed in various forms:

Voice Interfaces (

Characteristics of a Good User Interface

Speech User Interfaces are invisible to the user. They exist only in the mind of the user. Therefore it is critical that the Speech User Interface place minimal constraints and resources on the part of the user. The Speech User Interface must be "intuitive" so that it does not place large demands for the User's memory or cognitive processing. User short phrases when providing menu items or prompts to the users.

The User should be able to add/delete Voice Commands to make the system more friendly (i.e., easier to use).

In addition to receiving auditory input from the User, the Speech User Interface should also return feedback to the user in the form of an audible response. For example, if the User tells the computer: "Open File", the computer should respond by saying "File has been opened" or "Select the file to be opened".

The purpose of a computer is to perform some kind of work for the User. Therefore, the Speech User Interface needs to be "task oriented". It needs to be streamlined to performing the required tasks.

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